About Us

We are driven by the values of Robert Meyer, namesake and owner of the business. His belief in doing the right thing has built a business that has attracted people with that same passion for doing the right thing.

In the beginning, we started as the Meyer Company Ranch, a Red Angus ranch, in 1990. The vision was simple, raise cattle the old fashioned way to get that long lost old fashioned beef flavor.

Unfortunately, the beef industry wanted better tasting beef but failed to pay more for better beef that cost more to raise. As a result, he created Meyer Natural Angus, a beef company devoted to selling the all natural beef products we were convinced the marketplace wanted.

We were right. From the highly trained chef to the guy who loves to grill, we found wonderful support for a product that is raised right and tastes incredible. That incredible support has now grown another new company, Meyer Natural Beef.com. The first online marketplace devoted to offering only the finest Natural Beef. All we do is Natural Beef. From the ranch to you.

With a vision that was formed at the ranch back in 1990 that emphasized a basic commitment to doing the right thing we have built a business that continues to connect to the heart of the business.

The Meyer Family of natural companies today consists of the Meyer Company Ranch, Meyer Natural Angus, Laura's Lean Beef and Meyer Natural Angus.com.